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Consumer reviews are a valuable resource when making any purchase, and a SodaStream is no exception. Reviews written by real people can offer information that you can't find anywhere else. People who have actually used a product can tell you honestly what the pros and cons are and help you find the best option for you. However, reading SodaStream reviews should not be the starting point of your decision process unless you plan on dedicating a great deal of unnecessary time to your quest. It's better to spend a few minutes now thinking about what you're looking for in a SodaStream.

There are currently eight models available. They are: the Pure, the Genesis, the Fountain Jet, the Dynamo, the Fizz, the Revolution, the Source and the Crystal SodaStream. First, let's address what all eight SodaStream types have in common. All can make soda or sparkling water in the convenience of your home. All the types come with "stay fizzy" bottle closures to keep the carbonation in the bottle longer. All eight models can use the standard 14.5 ounce carbonation cylinder which is capable of carbonating up to 60 liters of water or soda.

All but one model (the Revolution) work without the aid of electricity. They all use the CO2 as a power source to carbonate. The Fizz and the Source do require a battery (it is included) to operate the display components.

Four models (the Revolution, the Fountain Jet, the Dynamo and the Fizz) can also use a larger 33 ounce carbonation cylinder capable of carbonating up to 130 liters as well as the smaller, standard sized cylinder.

The Fountain Jet, Pure, Fizz, Genesis and Dynamo require the user to twist the bottle into place when using the machine. The Revolution, Source and Crystal all have bottles that lock into place without being twisted. This makes them easier to use, although all the models truly are easy to use unless you have limited dexterity in your hands due to arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome or some other ailment.

Only one of the SodaStream models (the Crystal) uses a glass carafe that is dishwasher safe, which is included with the starter kit. The other seven SodaStream types come with a BPA free plastic bottle, which is NOT dishwasher safe. Those seven models are compatible with a PEN plastic bottle that is dishwasher safe, but that PEN plastic bottle must be purchased separately. Click HERE for the Sodastream Dishwasher Safe 1 Liter Carbonating Bottle

The Revolution is the only fully automated SodaStream. You push a button to let it know how fizzy you'd like your drink, and it does the rest. It also monitors the CO2 levels to let you know how much is left in your cylinder. The Fizz is not automated, but does still monitor and display the level of carbonation in your drink as well as the amount of CO2 left in your cylinder. The Source has three LED lights to let you know how much carbonation is in the drink you are preparing.  

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Now that you have a better idea of the differences between the models available, it's time to move to the SodaStream reviews. The SodaStream models are listed to the right. Click on the model you are interested in for an overview of that type as well as an overview of the reviews and ratings. Use this overview to narrow down your search before moving on to the detailed individual reviews.

Soda Stream Flavorings

Many people research the SodaStream, but put little thought into the syrups and other flavorings they will use. Not all flavors and syrups are created equal; be sure to read the reviews for those too. Don't waste your time or money on syrups or water essence flavors that are poorly rated and receive bad reviews.