Sodastream Fizz Soda Maker Starter Kit – Black



Overall Rating – 4 Out of 5 stars

Glass or Plastic bottle – BPA free plastic

Carbonation Cylinder size – this model can use either the 14.5 ounce carbonation cylinder or the larger 33 ounce carbonation cylinder

Patented “Fizz” chip to let you know how full the carbonation cylinder is - yes

Overall Review – 65% of the SodaStream reviews for the Fizz model are positive and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. There are comments within the reviews about how high-end this model feels and looks compared to other models. It has an updated, sleek design that looks great in a modern kitchen. Many people opt for this model because it has an overall high-quality look and feel. This is important if you plan on leaving your unit out on the counter top at all times. Those who plan on keeping it out of sight most of the time aren’t as likely to care about the aesthetic value of this machine.

Many people thought this was a good SodaStream, just not worth the extra cost. Originally, this unit cost $179.99, and many of the reviews are based on that purchase price. Some people felt it was not a good value although they liked the machine itself. The price has come down considerably; you can get the Fizz for less than $100 now, making it a much better value.

Most people love the Fizz for the same reasons they love the other SodaStream models. These handy counter top appliances let you save money on soda or fizzy water by making it yourself. There is no transporting of heavy soda bottles which is easier for you and better for the environment. You have the option to customize your drinks to make them just right for you. You can add more or less flavoring. You can combine more than one flavor to come up with a unique soda that is just right for you. You can use a little or a lot of carbonation. All in all, you have a lot more options when you make your own soda.


This SodaStream model has something unique: a patented “Fizz” chip to let you know how much carbonation you have left. This way you won’t be left in the dark as to how many more fizzy beverages you can make before exchanging cylinders. This can be very useful, especially in homes that use the SodaStream often. Knowing your levels allows you to plan ahead. The LED screen also shows you how carbonated the drink you are preparing is. Many of the negative reviews on this model involve a malfunction of that chip. The complaint is the same with all reviewers: they state that the chip shows how much carbonation is left in the tank, but does not show how much carbonation is in the drink that is being prepared. The good news is, this problem seems to always be present at the time of purchase rather than happening after using the unit. This means you can exchange the unit for another that has a working “Fizz” chip. Hopefully, the company has worked through the kinks and this is no longer an issue. The majority of reviewers received working chips and experienced no problems with their machine.

Like all SodaStream models, the Fizz requires no electricity or batteries to operate. It is powered by the built up pressure provided by the CO2 cylinder. However, this model does rely on a battery to operate the “Fizz” chip. That battery is included with the unit.


The Fizz is one of three models that is compatible with the larger, 33 ounce carbonation cylinder. This cuts down on costs, as the larger cylinder has more than twice the CO2 of the smaller cylinder yet doesn’t cost twice as much. This is also handy for people who make a lot of fizzy water or soda. One word of warning: not all facilities that exchange the cylinders stock the 33 ounce cylinder. If a larger CO2 tank is important to you and you intend to exchange your cylinders locally rather than through the mail, you ought to check with your local store before making your final decision.


There were also a couple of negative reviews based on flavor choices and overall savings. Some people feel that the overall  cost savings aren’t enough, although those reviewers are definitely in the minority of users. Most people feel this product is a great value that saves them money in the long run. The taste issue is obviously one of personal preference. Every maker has a different flavor profile for their drinks, and there is no way to please everyone. There is one way to test those flavors before investing in a SodaStream. Buy the flavoring you are most interested in and add it to store-bought fizzy water. This is a low-cost way to see if there are flavors compatible with your taste buds without taking the plunge and buying the machine. READ ALL 49 REVIEWS

Comes Complete with Soda Maker, 1 Carbonating Bottle, 1 Sodamix 12 Flavor Variety Pack, 1 60L Carbonator

LED Screen makes for easy convenient monitoring


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