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Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit


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Overall Rating – 4 out of 5 stars

Glass or Plastic bottle – BPA free plastic

Carbonation Cylinder size – this model can use either the 14.5 ounce or 33 ounce carbonation cylinder

Overall Review – 70% of the SodaStream reviews for the Fountain Jet model are very positive and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. This is a great, basic soda making machine. It doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, but it gets the job done. Most users love this handy little machine for a myriad of reasons. First, it lessens the cost of soda when you make it yourself at home. Second, you won’t be contributing soda bottles to landfills every time you drink a fizzy beverage. Third, many people like the fact that you can make soda that contains no high-fructose corn syrup.

Many people marvel at how easy to use this unit is. Like all SodaStream models, it requires no batteries or electricity to operate. The power comes from the compressed air in the carbonating cylinder. That makes it incredibly convenient to use almost anywhere. You won’t need to find a spot near an outlet in your kitchen, office, boat or RV. Most users love the fact that it only takes seconds to turn tap water into sparkling water. They also love the way you can customize your beverages, making them as fizzy or strongly flavored as you desire.

There are a few comments regarding how long the carbonation will last sealed in the bottle. Reviewers say their drinks are still fizzy 3 weeks later! That is amazing considering once you open up a store-bought bottle of soda you only have a day or two before it goes flat.

People love not having to haul soda home from the store. Many users say that is even more important to them than the cost savings. Heavy soda drinkers not only appreciated that, but also that the Fountain Jet is compatible with the larger CO2 cylinder.

There are reviews from people who have been using the Fountain Jet regularly for up to 5 years without any problems or product failure. That really does tell you a lot about the reliability of this product and the brand itself.

What soured the other 30% of users? Many people complain that the carbonation cylinders and soda mixers are too expensive. Although they do agree that it still costs less than buying pre-made soda, they did not feel that there were enough cost savings to justify making their own fizzy beverages. Some people complained that while they think the machine itself is superb, they don’t love the flavors of the mixers. It is important to realize that all soda brands have super-secret recipes that will never be exactly duplicated. So if you are looking for a very exact flavor profile that matches your favorite drink perfectly, you are likely to be disappointed. There are many flavors available and the overwhelming majority of people can find many that they love. Many other companies make flavor bases as well, making the beverage possibilities almost endless.

Some reviewers feel that the number of liters carbonated per cylinder is overstated. The problem here has to do with the customization of your drinks. You may use anywhere from 1 to 4 presses of the carbonating button to achieve the fizziness you desire. Obviously, someone who like lightly carbonated beverages will get many more liters out of a cylinder as compared to someone who wants a very fizzy drink. The majority of reviewers did not complain about going through the CO2 too quickly.

There are 882 SodaStream reviews available for the Fountain Jet model, written by real people who have used it.See 882 Fountain Jet Reviews


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